Kitteh-Zombeh Cheeks (no exploding spiders this time)

Remember my long-ago post (in fact I think it was just about a year ago) about Matt's blocked salivary gland, complete with warning to would-be spider smashers to always use a smashing device larger than the body of the spider to be smashed?

Well, now Goblin's the one with a swollen cheek that looks like it's about to burst and wriggle out tentacles or some such.

His swelling is not a blocked salivary gland, however. It's swollen glands along the edges of the corners of his upper lips, swollen so horribly as an overreaction to something. To what? Beats me. Like blocked salivary glands in humans, it's apparently fairly common, and not too terribly worrisome, mostly.

This happened to him once before, in late August, and when I took him to the vet for it then he got a steroid shot that cleared it up completely within about two days. This was good. What is bad is that cats generally can only handle four of said steroids shots in one year before those same steroids start messing with their systems, giving them diabetes and other nasty conditions. Since his shot for the first time this happened was only a short two months ago, I was a wee bit worried about having him need another so soon. What if this kept coming back, and he reached the four-shot limit for the year and then it came back again? What then?

When I took him back to the vet today, she expressed this same concern even before I could (she's good). So instead of a shot, Goblin's on similar steroid pills (lower dosage, but still kinda up there). One pill twice a day for the first five days, then one a day for the next five, then one every other day and at that point I need to try to cut the dosage - by halving the pills, and possibly even skipping two days between, until either he doesn't need them anymore or we find the lowest dosage needed to keep his lips normal cat size and shape. The hope of course is that he will not need to stay on them forever, but the vet said that if for whatever reason he does, the pills are not likely to do damage the way the shots would have. Apparently these same pills are given to cats with asthma, who need to take them daily, and there are (usually) few ill side effects, if any at all.

So, I feel better about the pills. Even if he starts lifting weights and meowing in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice (heh, heh, funny mental image), I'm ok with it so long as the poor lil' guy can rub his poor lil face against things without suddenly stopping and squeezing his eyes shut because it hurts.

And, giving him the pills is not a horrible, dangerous feat (how many of you have seen that viral e-mail "How to Pill a Cat" that keeps popping up and no matter how many times you see it, still makes you laugh so hard you're afraid you're going to pee yourself?), thanks to the fact that he loves to eat, period, and the pills can be easily hidden in a glob of wet cat food. He just scarfs the glob right down, either unaware that there's a nasty yucky little pill in it, or not caring because dude, it's food! So I won't be blogging anytime soon about my harrowing experiences with bullet-fast spit out pills and claw marks that will forever scar me, and I'm pretty sure I'm cool with that.

Right now he's curled up on the couch beside me, sleeping kitteh-zombeh sleeps and occasionally twitching. After his two pills today, his cheek is noticeably less swollen already, and about two hours ago he actually rubbed his face (the less-swollen side, anyway) against my hand without stopping from pain. Sweet lil' bugger, he is, at least when he's not living up to his name.

So my heart is happier knowing I won't have to worry about shots for him that can do harm, and knowing that, just like the shot, these pills are clearing up his adverse reaction to whatever is is really fast.

In other news, Matt is out of town working on music and various odd jobs with a friend up in Northern-Northern California, and I miss him. He's been gone since last Thursday, and won't be back till sometime next week. This is, by far, the longest we've been away from each other since we met. No, really, It's weird. He's become such a part of my life that while I have enjoyed the silence to catch up on some reading, I find myself more often than not restless, pacing the house because I'm bored and have no one to talk to or at least be bored with. Goblin has been doing his part to make me feel better, sleeping either between my knees or on the pillow above my head most nights.

And I finally got my last grade for the class I just finished. All A's, baby! And next week it's on to the next one ...

Grumble-worthy news: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel was released Tuesday, and supposedly shipped out to stores that day. Due to the holiday, however (and btw thank you vets and currently-active soldiers! You rock!), there was no mail service that day, so while I was originally supposed to pick the game up today, I have to wait ... one ... more ... day ... *gasp, shudder*

Oh, the agony. I'm sure I'll live, but it won't be a happy living. It will be a loooong 24 (maybe even 48 - oh, the horror!) hours till I get my grimy lil' paws on it and promptly spend most of the weekend glued to the computer ...

Yes. We can.

Aaaaahhhh! And Yes! We! Did!


Meme for whomever wishes to waste some time.

Are you talle​r than your mom?
I think we're about the same height.

Have you ever been on a blind​ date?​
Nope. Never trusted my friends' judgement on who my Mr. Right might be lol

Have you ever peed while​ on the phone​ ?
No. Well, ok, yes, sorta. I mean it was a really important call I was waiting for so I took my cell into the bathroom, and of course the call arrived right at the worst moment. I "held it" and ended the call as quickly as possible, but was getting a bit desperate toward the end. It's kinda hard to do the pee-pee dance while actually sitting on the pot.

What do you have pierc​ed on you?
Earlobes, once, and right nostril. Considerably more conservative than a few years ago.

What do you have tatto​oed on you?
A koi on my right arm, a horned viper on my left, "So" on my left wrist and "Ha" on my right ("So, Ha" is a meditation), Eyes of the Buddha on my right inner forearm, dragon on my chest, two dragons on my back, a dragon on my left leg (inner calf), and the bust of a unicorn on my right hip. I did the last two myself with a disposable insulin syringe and india ink in my first run through college years ago. And they did not get infected.

When is the last time you saw firew​orks?​
4th of July, at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds.

Do you remem​ber your first​ favor​ite song?​
Ah gods, yes. And no, you're not allowed to laugh. "I Swear" by All 4 One.

Favor​ite fruit​?​

Corn! On the cob! Raw!

What was your first​ scree​n name?​
Shimmer, way back when AOL was cool n' stuff, and I snuck into "Teen Chat" even though I was only actually 12.

What are you plann​ing on doing​ after​ filli​ng this out?
Well, I should get started on the assignment that was due tonight but that I didn't do because I was glued to the TV watching the election updates (omgYAY!1OBAMA!!1!), but after a very long past week and a half at work combined withthe victory shot of Gentleman Jack I'm sipping now (omgYAY!1OBAMA!!1!), it is entirely likely I'll just go to bed instead and whip out a kick ass paper tomorrow.

Do you sleep​ on your stoma​ch?​
Only when I've just had more work done on the tattoo on my back, which means rarely. And then, not so well.

Are you datin​g the last perso​n you kisse​d?​
I'm engaged to him! :D

Have you ever broke​n someo​ne'​s heart​?
My ex said I did (even though he broke up with me), but after much wise thought I've come to the conclusion that he never really new his heart in the first place, so I couldn't break something that was never really given in the first place. And, well, he broke up with me. Out of the blue. Because the two times per year we saw each other took up too much ofhis time which could be much better spent getting shitfaced and fighting in bars. *eye roll*

What are you liste​ning to?
Keyboard taps and our upstairs neighbors taking a shower.

Next time you will kiss someo​ne?​
Probably as soon as I finish this survey.

Have you ever injec​ted a drug?​
Myself? No. But the anesthetic that the dentist injected into me when I got my wisdom teeth removed about 8 or 9 years ago was fucking awesome. I (literally - no, really I swear) became one with the chair as I melted down into it in a very slow, Nirvana-like blink.

When was the last time you felt like your heart​ was actua​lly break​ing?​
'Member that ex I just bitched about? Yeah. I was young and naive and it was my "First Love" and I had not yet gotten to the "wise thought" stage yet.

Do you get along​ bette​r with the same sex or oppos​ite?​
Generally, the opposite, likely from long, fun childhood years of being a tomboy. Who wants to play dress up when you can climb trees and scare the shit out of each other with dares to walk - slowly - through basements you just know are haunted?

Have you ever kisse​d someo​ne whose​ name start​ed with a Z?
No, though I did have ahuge crush on a Z-named person in Jr. High and so would have kissed him, given the chance.

What is somet​hing you disli​ked about​ your day?
Ya know, despite work and school and finances and stuff, today fucking rocked.(omgYAY!1OBAMA!!1!)

Have you ever liked​ someb​ody and never​ told them?​
Pfft. Duh. I am only human, after all.

Do you have a best frien​d that knows​ you insid​e and out?
Three of 'em, actually.

Do you curre​ntly hate someo​ne?​
Yeah, but let's focus on the positive right now (omgYAY!1OBAMA!!1!).

Would​ you ever dye your hair blond​e?​
Sure, but it would have to be professionally done. Bleach and I have a bad relationship.

Have you ever gotte​n a sunbu​rn so bad it hurt to move?​


What is bothe​ring you right​ now?
Thanks to Gentleman Jack (and only one shot, jeez!), naddadamnthing.

Have you ever read an entir​e book in one day?
Yes. Oh, yes. Oh, glory days, that I miss so much ...

If you could​ move to Afric​a would​ you?
Sure, if it would be a smart move for future plans.

Prete​nd you'​ve had 10 beers​,​ descr​ibe what you'​d be doing​ right​ now?
Drooling and snoring and not moving much from whatever position I happened to collapse into.

Whats​ your favor​ite day in the month​ of march​?​
Saint Paddy's Day! Yay for leprechauns!

Does anyon​e have a crush​ on you?
Not that I'm aware of. Unless you do and you're not telling.

Do you like Batma​n?​
I want to be Batman.

Is your birth​day on a holid​ay?​

Where​ did you get the shirt​ you'​re weari​ng?​
TJ Max.

Do you use an alarm​ clock​?
No. I use an alarm ringtone.

Do you ever snort​ when you laugh​?​
Yep. And squeak. And pee a little.

Did you kiss or hug anyon​e today​?​

What was your first​ thoug​ht this morni​ng?​
Something profane, most likely. I'm not a morning person.

Would​ you rathe​r talk on the phone​ or chat in IM?
Depends on who I'm talking to.

Did you have a dream​ last night​?​
Probably - I usually do - but I can't remember it if I did.

Do you have a faceb​ook?​

Are you curre​ntly frust​rated​ with someone?​
About half the people at my work. But it's all good. Things are a'changin', they are ...